Enrollment Solutions

Calling all HR Professionals and Benefit Brokers! Anza & Anza and Associates is here to accommodate all of your enrollment needs. Our enrollment options provide the MOST comprehensive suite of enrollment tools and services and are designed to give our clients the MOST flexibility in the Voluntary Benefit marketplace.

We provide professional benefits education, core enrollment, multistate and multi-location enrollments, group enrollment, enroller-assisted enrollment, co-browsing, self-enrollment options and flexible enrollment financing options. Our benefit counselors can enroll online, offline, 1-to-1, via webinar or through our call center.


The Anza & Anza Advantage

Our company utilizes professional enrollers, committed to providing top notch, local service to our accounts. Our reps also have an interest in both servicing accounts and conducting new hire and subsequent-year enrollments. We consistently grade our enrollers on a month to month basis to ensure long-term satisfaction from all of our customers. This index directly affects our reps’ compensation and standing in the company.

  • Our platform is flexible — We can accommodate each employer’s enrollment needs, even with remote employees or limited Internet access.
  • Our platform is instant — We can make enrollment changes instantly and share this key information with plan administrators quickly and painlessly.
  • We can accommodate both core and voluntary enrollments.
  • Our platform reporting allows for daily updates on who’s enrolling.
  • The system is secure — Only authorized employees and benefits counselors can access the system. Employees are given an individual login so that they can make elections securely.
  • Our platform is user-friendly — The interface supports a streamlined 1-to-1 enrollment session.
  • Our platform can provide salary illustrations and customized benefits statement to employees.
  • Employers can import plan documents into our platform for employees and benefits counselors to reference.
  • Employee records can be quickly and securely updated.
  • Lastly, our platform is FREE to utilize for qualifying cases.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss how our enrollment solutions can work for your company or clients.