Benefits Brokers

At Anza & Anza and Associates, we believe that in many ways, 2014 and beyond will be a great time to be a Broker or Service Provider. We believe that Brokers have a unique opportunity to embrace the disruptive changes and capitalize on the opportunities that the new guidelines and regulations have brought to the forefront. We believe that the changes to the traditional marketplaces have leveled the playing field. There are no more experts. No one has years of experience. We believe that this is a historical opportunity to partner and affiliate with our organization to both gain Voluntary Benefit expertise and achieve product line diversification.


We understand that you want new ideas and solutions, ways to generate new business and increase revenue, and compete in your crowded marketplace. Our goal is help you understand the value that our products and services bring to your offerings and together, devise solutions to your client’s challenges.

Rising Healthcare Costs
Hardly a day goes by without a news story about the rising cost of health insurance. It is a major concern for all employers, and we know that you are looking for solutions to help your clients ease the cost of major medical coverage. Our carriers offer products which are specifically designed to do just that.

Simple Underwriting
No one likes paperwork and red tape. We can offer reduced or relaxed underwriting for our voluntary products making coverage simple for you, your clients and ultimately, their employees. Our benefits counselors are equipped with underwriting tools that make it easy to field underwrite many of our policies, meaning that more employees get the coverage they need, employers receive the appreciation they deserve, and you receive the respect of your clients.

Most importantly, we understand that you are looking for a partner you can trust to be the expert on voluntary products and to help you to insulate your clients from your competition. We believe that our history and track record of solid service, professionalism, and regular communications plays a key role in establishing trust and maintaining both our new and older relationships—as does our use of hard‐coded commissions and commitment to honoring Broker of Record letters.

Contact us today to discuss your options and take control of your Volunatry Benefit business.