Public Sector Clients

In this challenging economic time, reduced public revenue and increased levels of financial pressure have become part of our broader business environment. At Anza & Anza and Associates, we understand that oftentimes, you must make choices and trade-offs to manage your long-term fiscal challenges. We understand that the public sector is a significant part of the economy and believe that ANY improvement in public sector performance would have an effect on economic growth as well as reduce stress on fiscal policy — we feel compelled to help!

Are your key issues consistent with the following:images 4

  • How can I lower my operating expenses?
  • How can I improve productivity within the organization?
  • How can I enhance my benefits package?
  • How can I attract and retain top flight talent?

Supporting Your Public Sector Entity

We are proud of our experience and expertise in the Public Sector market. At Anza & Anza and Associates, we understand that Public Sector and State business typically requires more time and is more complex than traditional commercial business. To navigate those complexities, our Public Sector Services team has established a process to guide our agency when we have a new opportunity with a state or a large state agency.

We will:

  • Evaluate the potential Voluntary Benefit opportunity and our ability to support it.
  • Determine what resources are available and how best to utilize them.
  • Evaluate market conduct and compliance risks involved.
  • Utilize our best business practices with your entity.
  • Respond fully to your RFP requests.

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